Scrolls and Materials.

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Scrolls and Materials.

Post  Leo on Sat Mar 08, 2008 2:52 pm

As of today I'm going to be selling scrolls to guild members at a discount price.

Also I am more then willing to trade scrolls for scroll materials, as that will allow me to get better scrolls for us sooner.

I suggest if you ever have a cache of materials to sell, post it all on here as to help better our guild.

t1: 3 torn leather, 2 lq summoned beast leather
t2: 3 torn leather, 2 sbl mq, 3 sbt, 1 lq sap
t3: 4 crude leather, 6 mq sbl, 4 sbt, 1 sap

t1:: 1 torn leather, 2 lq sbl
t3: 3 crude leather, 4 mq sbl, 1 hq bdt, 1 common toadstool.

Magic Def.:
t1: 3 torn leather, 1 lq sbl, 2 lq bdt
t2:3 torn leather, 3 mq sbl, 2 sbt, 1 lq sap.
t3:4 crude leather, 6 sbl mq, 3 sbt, 1 sap mq

t1: 2 torn leather, 3 sbl lq, 1 lq bdt
t2: 4 torn leather, 2 mq sbl, 3 mq bdt, 1 lq sap.
t3: 3 crude leather, 3 mq sbl, 2 hq bdt, 1 sap mq

t1: 3 torn lather, 1 lq beast leather, 2 lq bdt
t3: 3 crude leather, 4 beast leather, 2 hq bdt, 1 common toadstool

t1: 1 torn leather, 2 lq beast leather, 3 lq bdt
t2: 3 torn leather, 2 beast leather mq, 3 sbt, 1 spoiled mushroom.

*edit* Added recipies.

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Re: Scrolls and Materials.

Post  Rasma on Wed Apr 16, 2008 11:08 pm

ok frist every one boo leo for being lazy and making me do this
leo can now make T3 vit Shocked i did not think it would ever happen

here is what he needs

Crude Leather
Beast Leather MQ and HQ
Beast Dog Tooth MQ and HQ
Summoned Beast Leather MQ and HQ
Common Mushrooms and Toadstools

we all want cheap T3 vit scrolls and i cant find all he needs by my self so if you find a cash of one of the above think off the guild. Very Happy

*edit* I added a few things that Rasma missed.


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